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How GuidedInvestor Works

Planning for the financial future can be difficult to navigate at times, at GuidedInvestor we are committed to providing self directed investors with the knowledge needed to be successful.

What being a Member looks like

Better than locking your money up for 3 years or trying to DIY your investment strategy. GuidedInvestor is the best solution for investors who want control over their investments, while trading selected picks from experienced traders.

How GuidedInvestor Works

Through a guided approach our members achieve unparalleled success in the markets.

Our experienced investors complete a comprehensive analysis for each recommend pick and update the My Picks page with entry and exit strategy prices.
Using the GuidedInvestor built-in calculators you determine position sizing and options pricing to enter and purchase through your online broker.
Weekly live calls review current markets and open positions that our investors have recommended.
Follow disciplines and guided approach til each recommended position is sold.
Watch your self-directed investments grow with GuidedInvestor.
What our members are saying

Member Testimonials

My investment has doubled!

I started GuidedInvestor with an open mind and followed the disciplines and pick recommendations. Within the first 6 months after starting with $13,300US in my account, I’m amazed to report that my investment has doubled to $27,000US and I took out $4,000 to take my family on a well deserved trip as a reward.

Mark S

2-3% per week return

I am averaging a 2-3% per week return using the GuidedInvestor Trading System and now plan to retire 10 years sooner. I can hardly wait to start trading options and leverage the gains even more


Exceeded my expectations

Thank-you for providing an ongoing training environment that encourages communication and supports a community of learning. What GI provides has clearly exceeded my expectations, keep up the great work


Thrilled with your accuracy and your picks

GI Traders and Builders Picks have been so great - your success has been 95% in the past several months. I am sure I am like other customers - just so thrilled with your accuracy and your picks. What a great holiday I will have this year with all the money that I have made because of GuidedInvestor.

Larry M.

Proven picks on a daily basis

I could not imagine using any other program than GuidedInvestor for my trading. I’ve recently become an Elite member and the twice a week online live calls and access to the real-time chatrooms add so much value to the work your team already does in producing reliable and proven picks on a daily basis.

Kevin M.

Lucky to have made contact with GuidedInvestor

I was a complete novice on the subject of trading. I feel lucky to have made contact with GuidedInvestor. and am excited to make this next step in taking control of my financial future.


What to Expect

Positioning your investments for your future. Our guided-approach ensures you see steady, sustainable growth.


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Our aim is to help you unlock the lifestyle you've been dreaming of for yourself and your family. To live dreams and dream bigger.

myGuidedInvestor utilizes cutting edge technology paired with intuitive trading practices to grow your portfolio over 8% per month.

We offer a premium service to our members that is based on a mutual effort to grow and scale your investment portfolio. I order to maximize our effectiveness all applications will be reviewed by our team.

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