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A fully guided approach to investing strategy.

We guide our clients to success through technical analysis and intellectual strategies applied to trading. These strategies are employed and given to you from our investing professionals. With over 15 years of data backing our success GuidedInvestor is the most seamless approach to growing your portfolio.

the fully guided approach

Intuitive Trading Practices

With our combination of both technical and intuitive trading, we've garnered an overall accuracy above 85% with all of our chosen picks.

Advanced Stock Algorithms

The tools and algorithms used by our professionals undergoes weekly optimizations to ensure we are providing the highest quality picks for our clients.

A Fully Guided Trading Approach

Our experts are constantly monitoring our positions and potential picks.  Whenever a change happens in the market we give detailed updates on how the strategy changes.

Our Purpose

GuidedInvestor is a company driven towards long-term wealth creation and management through guided self-directed investing. Our purpose is to help people build their investment portfolios through sustainable growth.

How We Do It

A Community Mindset

All the members in our community are kept up to date on all trades and market forcasts. We encourageour members to ask questions  and hone their knowledge leveraging the GuidedInvestor community.


Weekly Live Calls

Our weekly calls bring critical insights into the positions we are currently in and market sentiment. Here our seasoned traders take a look at the overall market and how that is affecting our positions, as well as any weakness in our positions.


Investment Knowledge Growth

We have a full learning room equipped with articles and  training videos that range in your knowledge base starting as a GuidedInvestor member.

the fully guided approach

We believe life is to be lived abundantly.

Our main belief is in the freedom that comes with growing your investments. We hate the idea of settling and continue to strive towards helping our clients achieve their ideal lifestyle, whatever that looks like. Helping you grow your money, wherever you are.


  • Average 4 - 10 monthly recommended picks.
  • 85% success rate within 5 business days.
  • Options trades average between 10% - 30% gains.
  • Fully guided entry and exit strategies on every recommend pick.
  • Access to live coaching and weekly group calls providing market and position updates.
  • Learning Room material to grow as a self-directed investor.
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