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The Learning Room

Welcome to the GuidedInvestor Learning Room. Each course provides a comprehensive view to understanding and applying the disciplines as your current level of trading experience and lifestyle commitment level. As you progress through the various stages from Trader to Elite Builders your confidence will greatly improve as will your success.

Recommended Readings

Here is a list of some of the top reads for those looking to growth their wealth in the markets. We compiled resources for you to read through.

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Live Builders Sessions

View and listen to recorded LIVE Guidedinvestor learning. Here you can follow along to the seasoned disciplines explained in detail as they apply to current market conditions and Traders Picks for the period also listening to existing members as the participate on the call

Live sessions

Foundation Learning

The getting started "Foundations Learning Course", is 6 videos accompanied with reading materials. This course will provide you with the basics as your learn to self-direct your investment portfolio.


Builders Learning

The "Builders Learning Course" will advance your knowledge in technical analysis and intuitive skill to interpreting stock charts. Here you will selecting from the Traders Picks and the Builders Picks daily watchlist.


Elite Builders Learning

Now that you are applying the Foundation and Builders knowledge, your confidence is growing and realizing greater success. It's time to leverage Options trading and realize up to 10 times the returns. The "Options Trading Course" leverages all the learning and disciplines in this enhanced trading environment.